Saturday, September 22, 2007


In war what is won is at the expense of hostile events that cause pain, strain, GIs slain and dollars down the drain. When it's over Over There both sides share sorrows of endless tomorrows, of men killing men once again, oF children dying, loved-ones crying, all asking "Why oh why?"

Why? It's logical, psychological, diabolical. War's what human animals do.

Nations plagued with mushrooming populations can't discourage fornication, also known as sexual relations, so named because it ends in more relations, more babies to be fed, more family budgets in the red, increased cost of Medicare, more dough for diapers, wipers, infant wash n' wear and costly eventualities, crowded schools and overloaded swimming pools, exploding tuitions for families with ambitions their kids will become physicians. With luck they'll earn more warbucks to pay the cost of living high and give to those who chose to live until they die.

A perfect way to support the sport of shoot and die is buy salvation at the house of God, rate a healthy tax rebate, then take an inexpensive vacation to the graveyards of the defeated nation.


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