Thursday, September 13, 2007


How the hell can HE, the master of insanity, to satisfy his venal vanity, order thousands of GIs to die like flies?

How can this monstrous, preposterous speck of dust, this drop of slime, sate his lust for floods of blood, commit the same damn crime time after time? How can this creep sleep at night?

We, the critical political and military agree HE is vile, is in denial and must be put on trial, and stand accused as a con who abused his fellow man and dumped his nation into a garbage can.

Every expert in the military aristocracy, except the few who say and do anything HE tells them to, agree this dog is barking up the wrong tree. HE created a war---what for? For more! More power for the presidency. More illegal loot for industry. More misery for his constituency. More dead and gone as HE goes on his merry way putting GI lives on lay away until the day he's convinced the world will say HE kept us free by destroying our democracy.

Forget what HE did to the economy. That will repair eventually. The stock market will turn around when HE is six feet underground. More jobs wlll return to the USA. The fear of terror will disappear as peace grows near and trillions cheer.

Who's the "HE" we referred to repeatedly? His famous name? He has two: MUD and DUBYA. .


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