Tuesday, September 04, 2007


As a president who with intense intent sent this nation into a no win war and bears the scars of his incompetent administration ends his month-long Texass vacation, he ignores the dead GIs he caused and, instead, looks ahead to all the money he will earn from dumb clucks willing to pay to hear what he has to say about how he, the Fool, got fooled by the late Sidamn Hoosay who hid his WMDs which Dumbua insists still exist except that brainless Cheney was too inept to intercept as they got schlepped into Iran and Gaphtannisstan and left no lies behind as the rats jumped ship and left him in sheep dit and Big Lie Dick, Goon Gonedadallas, Londakeesa Riceleasta and the whole kaboodleodle and kit are a bitty-bit of the cause of it.

I admit that sentence was long time coming to an end, but let's hope George spends as long a time in a cell in hell even though I know damn well he'll tell the warden he got a pardon from---Guess Who!


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