Saturday, August 25, 2007


Retired, once powerful, successful politicians, executives in demanding, commanding high positions, respected decision makers, movers, shakers super achievers in private and public life, men and women who anticipate changing conditions and make snap decisions based on wisdom and insight and just because they're very bright, multi-warred, battle scarred men of military might, scientists and scholars reinforced by proven facts and history, a mass of mental capacity all agree and publicly admit:

President George Walker Bush, is a walking, talking suicide bomb who could blow this world to Kingdumb Come. He is a bonafide, certified, verified IDIOT.

They and We, the trillions of very wary, caring, ordinary, tax paying, God-fearing praying, voting Republicans and Democrats, men and women old and young of every stripe, without a doubt, would surely feel more secure if Dubya were wiped out. Not with a gun, but by worldwide shame that would put this lame-brain on a one-way train to obscurity, Oh, what a glorious day that would be.

That's a dream, a fantasy. But it's a well-deserved fate to which GWB and his partners in crime, that collective slime, would never submit to willingly. Not that they don't hate his guts, but what if he was proven functionally nuts? The rest of the gang would not be far behind.

Anybody you have in mind?


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