Sunday, August 19, 2007


The drums go bang, Cymbals clang. Tubas go oom-pah-pah. The crowd goes ooh and ah! It's the greatest thing they ever saw. Marching feet repeat the beat of people on parade.

The music played, the floats displayed are hip-hip-hoorayed by the crowd that fills the avenue. Flowing flags red, white and blue and banners of most every hue passing in review instill in you a patriotic feeling that sends the senses reeling. The pride you feel inside you could not hide even if you tried. It's parade time in the old hometown and folks pour in from miles around to share the fun with everyone and bask in the sun heaven, sent for this event.

There are parades of many kind to satisfy all states of mind---for soldiers marching off to war, for limping men returning home again. Circus parades with elephants and dancing clowns performing to a small American town, parades for kings and queens and rock stars wearing faded jeans, for preachers on a sacred mission to save mankind from perdition, parades for dogs and cats and women wearing Easter hats.

They're great to watch, there is no doubt. But marchers will find out, if they march in too many marches they'll wind up with fallen arches.


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