Friday, August 10, 2007

"A real gi-ant"


God created many things, like spring and bells that ting-a-ling and bees that sting and birds that sing and even telephones that ring. The angels asked him why. Said He: "I have my reasons. I will tell you, by and by."

When God created seasons, winds and storms and other forms of blowing things, angels asked why. He replied: "I know what I'm doing." Then He created snow and rain, hot and cold, dry and wet. "When I'm through," He said, "I'll put it all together and call it weather. But I've got other things to create like bats, rats and pussy cats. Now, children, meet my friend, the ant,"

"Very, very teeny weeny-weeny."

"And my big friend, the ele-phant,"


A mole came out of its hole, A funny bunny twitched its nose. The angels didn't understand what else God planned. He waved his hand. A newborn baby wiggled its toes. A deer walked on tippy toes.

"God loves us all, big and small," an angel said. "Even me!" a cherub giggled gleefully..

"Even thou and thee. Soon you'll see. I won't keep you in the dark."

What is dark? They wanted to know. God said: "Soon you'll see the light." He thought they might not understand. I should be careful what I say when I use words I created just today. Soon you'll know. OK?" He paused and shrugged. "OK means just OK."

God had an inspiration. He waved his wand and made a vow.. "Now you understand my words and what they mean. Let's set the scene.

God pointed here, there everywhere. "See! The grass is green. The snow is white. The night is dark. The day is light, Meet my friend, the little pig. There's a horse, big, of course. The monkey has a real big tail. There goes a whale! He lives in the sea. Watch out for that stinging bee!"

They all shouted with joy and mirth. "God created Earth and sky and birds that fly and even us and we know why. He created us so we'd know. If God says it's so it's so."

God neared the end of His chore. The angels and cherubs knew there'd be more. A mother angel shushed. "Quiet all. I don't want to hear a peep. God worked hard, He needs His sleep." They crept away as God slept at the end of day. As God's children walked along they sang a song. "God is good. God is great. Only God can create."

God winked an eye and said g oodnight. . "You bet! They ain't seen nothin' yet."


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