Thursday, July 19, 2007


Bad or good news, depression or recessioin, win or lose, you'll swill free booze, have extra sex if you choose, you don't have to buy it, just keep it on the quiet when you try it. If it leaks, just deny it. You're in luck. The big bucks flow in. Dough in the bank, Thank you, Mister Treasure. Working for you is quite a pleasure.

You're on the dole and in control. Your job's secure . You'll endure for four years or more as a partner in the company store. What they pay is chickenfeed, but it opens the door to the place you really want to be, where you can feed your need for gold and greed.

Where can you find all this largesse? Yes! Yes! Yes! I thought you'd guess, As a member of the U, S, Congress! God bless! A job that's heaven sent. Perfect for the incompetent. Ideal for the heel with sex appeal, the phony, full of baloney, denier with pants on fire, the guy (or gal) who will fail, but prevail until they kick out the lout or slap him/her in a luxury country club sort of jail.

Integrity for sale for ex-Democrats and the GOP! This is what we call democracy! Three cheers for hypocrisy.


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