Sunday, July 15, 2007


I can't believe I've reached eighty-four and with each tick-tock of the clock I'll be one second more. Each twenty-four hours make one day less I have to second guess the poops in power. They're turning this once OK bouquet into a wilting flower. It will bleed Earth of all its worth and leave it behind with all the crap that GOP sap has in mind as he turns this space, once First Place, into a SHILE OF PIT for demons to devour,

The Grim Reaper's never late so each minute I'm still here may be my last before I exit. I'd best get going, even knowing what I try ain't gonna a help a bit to convince this Twit who's responsible for it to admit he done did it and deserves the credit, every bit of it.

Dumbdubya thought he was smart to start the war that upset Iraq's applecart which will end not with a sigh but with a FWHIMPER and a WART. Even though he's lost it, because he caused it and it cost a lotta dead GIs and billions of bucks, that that schmuck stuck UCKFUP, born again idiot SHEECE OF PIT must pay for it. Need I say more? When the devil comes knocking at Dubya's door he sure as hell will even up the score.


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