Saturday, June 23, 2007


Words are my stock in trade. They were made to convey what's going on in the world today. They tell stories of past glories, are used to compromise, make nice, be precise, break the ice,

Without words there'd be no melodies. We couldn't expound theories, pose possibilities. Without words strung together we couldn't discuss weather. There'd be no dictionary, no Stephen King and all things scary, no Shakespeare or Romeo, no Poe, no plot that thickens, no Charles Dickens, no Bible, no libel. What's worse, no verse.

There'd be no debate, no views on news, no way to discuss what's troubling us, to tell the truth as writ, no way to lie or cheat a bit. Words make sounds, express expectations, vow devotion, describe ocean motions.

Politicians could not reply, imply, falsify. There'd be no words to judge judges by. No pencils, pens or ink to tell what we think. No typewriters, tape recorders, story tellers, English professors, word processors, no nosirs, yessirs, second guessers.

And without words, no doubt, I'd not have the right to write this trite.


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