Saturday, June 02, 2007


Oh My God! What a Flawed, Fraud President is GWB! When he finally faced reality and saw his ratings plunging fatally, he did the greatest flip-flop of all time to try to turn the polls around. MeanwhIle, he and his brain should remain in a deep black hole until his insane reign goes down the drain.

It's plain as the sneer on his face. Dubya will say and do anything to regain his place in the human race. Would you believe, on the eve of the Summit on Global Warming, Dubya did the most alarming flip-flop in his career.

This idiot who tried to cool the debate to create a way to delay green house gas emissions, who opposed Kyoto with a flat out NO!, who gave industry the right to cut down trees and do as they please to violate laws designed to clean the air, who obviously couldn't care less about the mess unrestricted pollution was doing to the U. S. and other nations faced with similar harm from the warming atmosphere, now has the gaul to call on the Group of Eight Nations to cooperate with the Disunited States of America to find an answer to this worldwide situation.

Bush set a goal to come out with a plan no later than a month AFTER the November 8 presidential election. Which obviously is no more than a plot to get the GOP out of the spot they're in, caused by their own incompetence, trickery and preponderance of dishonesty.

Just another dirty GOPolitic trick, Just another reason we've got to can the Republicans.


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