Friday, May 25, 2007


Goodness gracious, for Cretaceous sakeous scientists discovered in a very ancient dried up lake in Spain where, as we know, the plain mains rainly in the strain, evidence of events that happened, give or take, 125 million years ago, prove that in a now vast lake of the past dinos swam to and fro to take a bath to cool their wrath or lake a teek or slake their thirst or what ever dinosaurs do first after they awake and sake a thit.

A paleontologist named Loic Costeur said he's sure it is true that scraping scratches in a lakebed sediment make it evident that dino was there, splashing around without a care, all his/her tons---perhaps with the little ones---in the all together in the prehistoric weather. Or was daddy dino wearing underwear?

If skinny, wouldn't the mommy monster look cute in a bikini bathing suit! If big and fat, and dinos were known for that, she might have drowned if there was no life guard around to give her snout to snout resuscitation.

Science has cleared up one mystery of prehistoric history. But we still don't know if it is so that dinos could fly. If they did, I kid you not, I wouldn't want to be there when they'd grunt and, to ble bunt, let the flit shy.


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