Sunday, May 13, 2007


The Planet Earth is gripped in terror due to error upon error and the greatest crime of all time that thrust an evil incompetent, arrogant beyond understanding psychotic lunatic into the world's most demanding seat of power. This brainless fool of criminal intent lives by one rule: "I am the President. I answer to no man. I can and will do as I choose."

I, and far beyond the millions, trillions, quadrillions of victims of his wrath, are headed down a fatal path to involuntary world-wide suicide. He holds our future in his blood-soaked hands and we must bow to his demands because, as he explains, lesser men make laws. Only he can break laws with soul impunity. Because he stole the presidency.

Blood was shed, there are millions dead and untold young and old maimed beyond recovery. This, he apparently felt was necessary, to make the point that he has anointed himself as ruler of the universe. And woe be to he who dreams of being free in a disabled democracy. How did all this come about? How did he---a man of limited intelligence, without a doubt, no conscience or integrity---turn such a monstrosity into reality?

Obviously. With advanced computer technology.

By stealing votes and manipulation, he and his partners in a well-planned conspiracy, started with a stupid, trusting population and stole the office he holds not once but twice---ain't that nice!---and his popularity grew among leaders of a majority of dynasties who sought the same legacy he, the master of chicanery, accomplished most casually.

Take the ballots of your enemy, and, with the click of a mouse, switch enough votes to you and your supporting slates, to turn your minority into a slim majority. Not a lot, but more than enough, so that the hordes will buy your bluff and decide to rally to your side.

It's the truth in every voting booth there is a sucker or a sinner who wants to march to the beat of the winner.

Any candidate with corruption on his or her side, lucky to have enough big bucks, cow-tows to the major money makers and shakers who know where the dough is flowing from, and will point their dot-com in that direction. The corporations that make voting machines don't care about making the outcomes fair. They just want to be there when the deals are made. That's just how the game is played.

We, the losers. just don't matter. The winners just keep growing fatter. And the power of the hour? He or she will come and go. The fraud that got them there will grow and grow. And that is so.


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