Friday, May 04, 2007


Where's the shame, can you not admit the blame for the mess since you came to play the game of tricky politics?
Now;. as you the near the termination of your abomination, of your mumbling, fumbling, stumbling failure of a stolen presidency, can't you be big enough to confess, "Yes, I toyed with Constitutional liberty, nearly destroyed our democracy by practicing professional hypocrisy, by turning my back on reality up to the finality of my drear, lackluster career as an idiot with an arrogant insincere sneer,

' I can't wait to get out of here and back to my Texas retreat roping steer and chopping wood and other chores for which I'm good and should have done instead of running for a job for which I'm hardly qualified.

"Well, I tried and I lied and thousands died because I took great pride in my stupidity and incompetency. So now I bid the world good-bye." SIGNED G. Dubya B, the worst US president in history.

PS: The above is not a quote, just a note of what he coulda, shoulda never woulda said. But words like these don't bounce around in his empty Texas head.


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