Tuesday, April 24, 2007


This nation and the world need Al Gore more now than ever before to lead us back to sanity and humanity from the senseless, defenseless ways of one man's craze to wage a war at any cost to retaliate against the 9/11 attack.

The selected/unelected president Bush chose Iraq as the target of his attack. Why? He pushed America into a no-win war, based on barefaced lies and duplicity, Republican hypocrisy and greed unjustified by need for oil that sloshes deep in Iraq's sandy soil.

True, by Bush definition, Iraq was and may be again an evil empire. But that's not what fueld Dubya's desire to single out this doubtful dictator and charge him as the instigator of the first invasion of our nation in modern times. There were others guilty of the crimes that brought the Twin Towers down. But not Saddam Hussein who met the fate of those who dictate---dead and buried in the oil-filled ground.

Although a dictator---and what leader in the Middle East is not?---Hussein was not to blame. There were other fascist regimes, logically, but they did not fit the George Bush psychology to pick an easy to defeat enemy.

But Bush and his brainless trust were dead wrong. The long war goes on. More than 3,000 GIs mourned, scorned by Bush who let them die for God knows why. Thousands wounded, disabled for life. And innocent Iraqis share the strife, thousands of loved ones dead who shed blood needlessly.

The time will soon come for Americans to decide. Trust the GOP, Bush and Cheney and all the rest. Or do what's best and let our troops come marching home!


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