Thursday, April 19, 2007


During our younger days we seniors worked, slaved and saved what we could so we would enjoy life more when we kissed sixty-four goodbye and qualified for full Social Security.

When we ceased making a living, we assumed we'd spend less time giving to our government and more time enjoying retirement. We'd be earning less but have the government's largesse to fall back on when savings and investments weren't sufficient to pay the bills until our wills divided up our estate. Great!

We learned, to our dismay, it doesn't work that way. We've got to return a portion of what we earned but didn't spend as we went toward the end of life, leave behind our inheritance and go six feet down to a resting ground on the edge of town.

While we're still here we have to pay taxes on what we never spent on beer and other booze, fancy cars and a world-wide cruise, gold chains and assorted aches and pains not covered by Medicare or all the supplemental plans with exclusions the fast talk stalkers didn't tell us about when we took the policies out.

On top of that, depending on the yields and dividends from stocks and bonds and cash in the bank you have to pay a percent of every cent you never spent foolishly living lavishly in vacation villas on shores by seas with ocean breeze and luxuries, dining on fats and calories and all the high cholesterol your MD told you to avoid on your last well enjoyed spending spree.

Of course, the government's aware of you and the share that will come due when the IRS audits you. So if you've still got time, spend every dime on this and that, grow old and fat and be sure to be poor. And then don't give a tinker's damn. Uncle Sam will take care of you.


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