Friday, April 06, 2007


What does it mean when thousands die needlessly of senseless violence for a cause to protest unjust laws or change from what was to what might be because a few disagree with the majority? Such deaths are pure insanity, a loss of treasured humanity, all to satisfy the vanity of twisted minds gone blind to value and reality.

When terrorists commit suicide and take unsuspecting victims along for the to the other side, how widespread is the effect of those dead on a world left behind?

Lost dreams of young in search of better ways. Couples looking ahead to contentment in retirement. Those with health and wealth who slaved and saved, finally secure financially, dead with no one to leave their money to.

Inquisitive minds whose imagination and dedication could have benefited billions in a trillion ways. Plays and poems and tomes unwritten, symphonies and melodies, works of art, started, left undone, just because one man with a gun, casually kills a mother's son.

Not all wasted lives are caused by man. God often plays a leading role in killing sprees. Hurricanes and rains and angry seas, disease and unsolved medical mysteries, quirks of nature. Who's to blame? No matter how or why people die, death's the same.


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