Saturday, March 24, 2007


Dubya says we'll win, but when? He's said that time and again, the same old song, but he's been wrong. He says more troops will make us strong. Benefits may not show for a L - O - N - G - L - O - N - G time. What benefits? Another thousand dead. Bush will be wrong again. But by then he'll be back to chopping logs, checking blogs and blaming Democrats for his uckfups.

Meanwhile, the generals who generally know more than a war-fearing, brush clearing, disappearing AWOL who can't tell what the hell he's talking about is still our unelected, incompetent president, calling the shots, right or not.

The nation sends this constant plea to B: Don't send more living targets to Iraq and bring 'em back in bloody body bags.

Dubya dummy don't play god. Play the odds and let Iraqis and Insurgents shoot it out. What's the point in day by day delay when all it means is more dead GIs, more bearing lifetime scars of no-win wars, More loved ones left to cry, never knowing why our children had to die needlessly in a war declared illegally?

Why keep going on until all the brave are dead and gone? Do Bush and all his partners in crime have hearts and brains? Are they all insane? Do they get their kicks killing people wantonly?

What about billions spent for armament, for trucks, tanks and planes, pouring tax dollars down the drain? And just to support this rotten war, Budget Buster Bush cuts short the money needed to house and feed the oppressed and homeless, medications and education, crumbling bridges, roads and loads of other things. This brings us to reality: We must stop starting wars to spread our concept of democracy while denying us of life and liberty and all the benefits that made us what we used to be.


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