Friday, March 16, 2007


If the world woke up one day---this ain't a joke and it better happen before we go broke---and the Pentagon was gone, gone, gone there'd still be wars going on and ammo sold at more per ounce than a pound of gold But the profit off it could be less than what the U. S. spent for a toilet seat that went for six hundred farty bucks a chuck.

Even though it's so when you gotta go you gotta go, that's still too much for a governmint a-flush with dough to spend on a shile of pit.

But we'll let's forget that toilet debt and move on. Not too many years ago the Pentagon couldn't account for the paltry amount, a trillion plus paid for by taxes paid by us. And millions in missiles, tanks and planes misplaced by no account accountants brit for shains. This is just part of the woe for the GAO that still doesn't know how to divvy civvi dough to Defense whose record keeping keeps making no sense.

Yet the administration has been blamed for unexplained dollars down the drain and kissed goodbye while sending thousands of untrained GIs to die in a war that everybody knows was one big lie by G. W. B., the biggest liar of the twentieth century and probably this century, too.

Meanwhile, expense for The War continues to grow and where does the money go? To the Pentagon and DOD, hotbeds of incompetency. The GAO spent billions trying to find a quick fix, then said nix and sold the report sort o' short.

When all is said and done, they're back to square one once again, justa few systems changed or rearranged. Strange but true, the same mismanagement's costing taxpayers $18 billion a year.

The budget, the graft, the waste continues to grow. The GAO knows it's so. The occasional squawk is just so much talk as our country goes deeper in hock. Nobody really shives a git. Maybe the '08 election will help a bit. If it doesn't we'll be in sheep dit.


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yeah Ed---shEET DIP!!!

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