Monday, March 05, 2007


A dedicated, educated writer worth his mettle will never settle for second best. If he has nothing to say he won't say it. He won't convey it.

If you take no pride in what you write, do not delight in being bright or witty, creating a drama or a pretty ditty, beware! You may strain your brain, run out of excuses as to why you've lost your creative juices. Just shrug. You're bugged by writer's block.

Talent comes and talent goes. Where it comes from no-one knows. Sometimes it flows from unknown genes, from trauma in your troubled teens, from an incident that haunts you, taunts you when you least expect it, lack defenses to reject it.

Genius springs from many places, from all races, from slums and bums, born losers, child abusers, from rich and poor and starving masses of the lowest lower classes.

It's the kind of thing that keeps you guessing. Consider it a curse or blessing, a way of giving to the living that makes you sad or makes you glad or makes you wish you never had an obsession to excel. It's sometimes hell being special and alone in a world all your own. Nobody understands the demands you make on yourself that sets you up for self destruction


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