Monday, February 26, 2007


Just the start of another day. Some stay home. Some go away. Some play. Some pay. Some borrow. Some put it of until tomorrow. Some make loans by telephone, on the net, across a desk shaking hands to seal a deal nobody understands. Fine print? Who can read it? Let it be. Trust in me. Faith still reigns. Relax your brain. Sign on the dotted line. Take your check. Next?

Wall Street's busy doing the deal. Both sides steal. What's the interest? What's the net? What you see is what you get. No money changes hands. We're talking a hundred grand. A Million. Billion. Maybe more. Wire here. Wire there. Wire, wire everywhere. Why are we here? To make a deal.

Doors open.. Customers come in. Some smile, some frown, some local, or out of town. All intent money spent leaves enough to pay the rent. Buy booze. A pair of shoes. Down payment on a cruise. Watch your p's and q's. Check the news before you sign. Money changes all the time. Sometimes a dollar's worth a dime. Market plunges at the close. All about woes of Eskimos. Shows how trouble grows, Sun glows. Ice melts, Water flows. Dam ain't worth a damn. Sinking feeling in your gut. Did you do wrong or what? But. Always the optimistic but. Worry shows. Wife always knows. Maybe not. Maybe tomorrow stocks will be hot. Just a scare that goes nowhere. Meanwhile, smile. Gotta take your knocks dealing stocks


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