Saturday, February 24, 2007


From the moment you're born, whatever's false or true, wrong or right, the reason why night chases away the bright we call day, why the sun shines on everyone while stars and moon take well earned rest, why there must be cold and hot, wet and dry, why snow must fall and rain and sleet are all the same, different only in given name, and weather's always subject to change and things most strange were here before we were meant to be are all a part of the mystery, the history of life and death, of first and final breath---all live in the secret, subconscious self recorded in the "footnotes of the brain and mind."

It's all there willing to share its store of lore with those who seek to find what slumbers in the mind and brain, the source, the driving force that sets the course our lives must follow, lest we wallow in the mindless world of even less than guess and accept the inept know-nothings, one and all, who come to call every time you dare to doubt what life's about.

The mind is the only true computer, possessed of unlimited megabytes stored, waiting to be explored, to tell you more of what you're searching for. Whatever you read is planted like a seed, a flower or a weed, in the garden in your head, waiting to be read or said to zoom into bloom.

Do you really want to know? Your computer brain will tell your mind where to go. Printouts and footnotes will shout out facts and theories that expand an endless realm of possibilities.


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