Friday, February 16, 2007


Once upon many wars ago I, and thousands more, and as many of the enemy as we fought a war. Lots of good people on both sides died and most took pride in doing what they were trained to do. All they knew was war must be to defeat the enemy. But after that war subsided most on the losing side realized their cause was wrong. That they had been party to a vicious crime. But it took the degradation of defeat and the truth of history to make them see we, their enemy, were saviors of democracy.

The time was World War II. I, a Jew, vaguely knew about what was going on across the sea to those who died for the same birthright my side honored religiously. Their anti-Semitic laws were a major cause that led us to fight to free the world of tyranny. Victory would depend on killing more of us than we of they. War now rages in Iraq. Some on our side believe there can be no turning back, we must fight and die until the final attack breaks the back of the enemy. It's a different world at war this time around. We are bound to neither win nor lose if our enemies refuse to quit and make this a jihad ride to suicide. This, we cannot abide. The suggestion of dropping an a-bomb is out of the question. Now both sides have that power. We drop, they drop, war's over in an hour. So might be humanity.

War in Europe went on until our soldiers proved to be the best and brought to an end the most brutal crime of modern times. Architects of that war paid for the role they played in trying to remove all traces of Jewish history and bequeath the world to the aryan race. Hitler, master of his disaster, when he knew his cause was lost, committed suicide rather than face the enemy.

Now Germany and most of Europe's free and striving toward democracy. Our former enemy became our friend at the end of World War II. It took millions dead and much bloodshed. But the will is strong there shall never be a sequel to World War Two---World War Three.

The war with Japan began with a sneak attack on our Hawaiian Pacific base, It could have gone on endlessly but American ingenuity created the most destructive force in history, a bomb so capable of devastation it almost destroyed the Japanese nation. It took thousands of dead to end the insanity of war against humanity.

Now after intermittent wars in the Orient, the Middle East. Korea, Africa and other places we know what could be if the world doesn't act responsibly to preserve a peace that will keep all nations free. We could be headed for World War III. And what a tragedy that would be for you and me and all humanly.


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