Monday, February 26, 2007


Kids carpool to school. Mom shops. Stops. Buys this, that. A silly hat she'll never wear. Two pounds steak she'll grill rare. Produce for the salad plate. Date with a chum from single days. Always a question who pays. Friend's a wreck of course, recovering from a third 0 divorce. Eat quiclk, then pick up the tab. Blab, blab, blab. Say goodbye. Meet again, don't know why, don't know when.

Gotta run. Be home by three. Check the mail. Check on line. No calls. All's fine. Forgot the wine. They always drink before they dine. Kids come crashing in.'"Mom, I'm hungry. What's to eat?" Make a treat, Something sweet. Shower, nap, wait for mate. Hope he's not late. Show's at eight. All's well. But you can never tell. One second turns heaven into hell. She has this premonition. Something's gonna happen. Not just to her. To everyone before it's done. Fear persists. Won't disappear. Drifts off to sleep

Market's on a roll. Dow packed with buys, ripe for sells. Don't know what to do. Buyers say, take heart.. Don't upset the apple cart. Bought a lot, made a pot of market money. Buying continued, uncontrolled. Seemed Wall Street paved with gold. Analysts sure rise would endure. Greatest bull market of all.Pessimists predicted a fall. Optimists ignored the call.

Prices rose at every close. Splits galore. Dividends up and up without end. Millionaires everywhere. Market didn't plunge at first. The thirst for money was too strong. Investors went along. Bought right or wrong. Good or bad. Bought what their neighbors had. Then one day at the final bell they asked, "What the hell has happened here? Fear spread and soon there was a cry to sell. The rest of the story you know well. The year was l929.


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