Monday, March 05, 2007


In the year twenty-one twenty-eight when historians evaluate the past, dating back to a man named Dubya, the master ofdisaster, how will they view events credited to this discredited president?

I'm afraid they'll be dismayed when they review the role Dubya played that made the mess and caused the stress he left behind (bless his behind!) a hundred years from now. Somehow, they'll find it hard to see how we could have left humanity up to the bungling grade-C B, Doctorate of Incompetency. They'll be vexed and perplexed as to why this greedy guy got away with crimes against humanity to unseat democracy and the pleasure he took robbing our treasury, rewriting the book to make us look like nitwit fascists.

"This was a century," they will write, "when everything Bush tried was turned upside down as the clown made a mockery of democracy. Voters were made aware terror lurked everywhere, and it was said, criticizing corruption of the GOP was tantamount to treachery. The GOP of that time saw no crime in blocking inspection in their zeal to steal elections from candidates who got more votes. Or as a first and last resort, force the courts to abet the crooks to corrupt the count of a mounting vote for the opposition.

"Evaluators agreed with ancient colleagues of a need to boot out the louts who lost but won by doing the screwing that was done. "The powers had a hundred years, give or take, to make things right," they wrote. "They seldom gave, but how they took!

"Look for comments on these events in our next report, uncensored by the court, of course.

"Who was the worst president in history? That's no mystery. GWB.


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