Sunday, March 11, 2007



This is our night on the town. We walk in, take our seats and settle down. The theater is our castle of creation, imagination, fascination and sometimes frustration. But so what! We're on vacation. So anything goes. Enjoy the shows!

Life on film is like a welcome friend. It begins. It blends. Begins and what all happens depends on the script the writer wrote, the actors emote, the critics quote.

The lights grow dim, the show begins on the silver screen. X-rated tapes can't escape repeated rapes. Multiplex is big on sex, popcorn and tasteless porn. Some folks go for jokes and Cokes and candy bars, the tragedy of best forgotten wars when GIs died and millions cried and both sides now are friends again.

Cars fill parking lots where families come to see silly shows short on plot, but a lot of shots, blood and guts and sadistic nuts, good and bad guys, too, and although they don't win a prize or appeal to you and me they bring in lots of doe-re-mi and that is good for Hollywood.

Once in a while a film of style that touches your heart from start to finish, and doesn't diminish the impact of every act and every scene in-between, is done with taste and grace in a place just like the town where you wish you'd settled down, not the mean streets of the city, too big, too bold, too loud and gritty. A pity. But you can't go back except in dreams and flights of fancy that grip you momentarily. So you wipe your eyes and blow your nose and enjoy the picture shows.


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