Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Are we caught in a world conspiracy that's based on Biblical fantasy that says angels fly invisibly in our midst and insist the Apocalypse is near and when it comes the world will disappear? True believers are quite sincere and convinced the end will come this year.

But apostles of the impossible hedge their bets. The truth be known, those who pretend the end say it will depend on war between good and evil which will cause upheaval on this sphere and the death of every doubting creature who lives here.

Before I tell you more about what Evangelists have in store as proof the End of Times is coming soon, I must admit I do not believe a word of it. I'm am a skeptic, have always been, will always be, and say of every hair-brained theory, prove it to me.

I do not believe in angels, ghosts or devils or any spirits or any mythological illogical apparitions of the fanatical, fanciful faithful fringe. Faith alone is not enough. Truth is based on fact, not fiction. It's not predicated on prediction. This is my conviction. So it be. That's me.

Did you know millions say it's so that 9/11 was a welcome sign of the coming End of Times when Christ will rise again, believers will be spared and transported free to Heaven? Believers in prophecy are convinced the Bible's the word of God and His book predicts death and devastation which rocked our nation and all civilization is the beginning of the end. Nearly 60 percent believe predictions in Revelation are part of the world's ultimate fatal destination.

As long ago as the sixteenth century, believers feared pictures on government documents looked like the "Mark of the Beast." as it was described in the Book of Revelations.

Sightings are inviting prophecies, believers say. Visions of the Messiah are everywhere, in exhaust fumes of cars, on the wrappings of candy bars, on smoke emissions from cigars.

A vision of the Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich, sold on e-bay, brought about 30Gs. How about this? A talking fish on the way to its slaughter in a New York market cried out the end of the world was near. Some believe it's already here, will occur this year, perhaps as soon as June. At any rate, it missed its departure date. We'll just have to wait.

If you believe all this and other idiocy, forget fear of a failing economy, welcome floods and droughts and other "acts of God," wars declared and miseries shared. Welcome terror in the Middle East. Has the "Mark of the Beast," as warned in Revelations, returned to cause devastation? If this widely believed stuff were not enough, a Seattle newspaper asked: "Is Bush the Antichrist?" A minister cited his support of the "rise in Christian Fascism" as evidence of this belief.

Subliminal messages pop up everywhere. Consider one theme of the Bush scheme, "No child left behind." This brings to mind that it's also part of the title of a novel based on Revelations, "Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days." Is there a connection between Bush's failing program and the novel's description of what happens to the Antichrist. Maybe not. But with Dubya's flights of fantasy, you never know. I'll stick around to wait and see.


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