Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Man has the seed, Woman the garden in which a life shall grow. This much is so. Once they share fertility, the miracle of creation, the time spent in anticipation will be more than well worth waiting for.

After the seed has been implanted and permission granted for creation to proceed, it must be nourished by love and fed the food it needs to grow. Its first home, the room within the womb, will keep it warm and safe from harm until the day it is due to become a part of the two who, through love, made their dream become a true reality.

They will not know what the child will be until it is born so it will be called "Baby It" for now. They'll share more concern in how it grows, does it have ten fingers and ten toes, its mother's nose, its father's eyes, will it grow up wise and kind with a mind that's bright and clean? What will its name be? They will deal with that once they know, is "Baby It" a He or She? Or, possibly, will one be two, each a different gender, but both tender and caring, loving and sharing, as all members of humanity should be?

It is true modern science could determine what "Baby It" will be before it becomes officially "Baby Me." But the expectant parents would rather wait and see. When they finally meet their prize and hear its healthy cries, learn its weight and see its size, the color of its father's eyes, its mother's nose, all ten fingers, all ten toes, all the these and those that comprise a perfect human being, the thrill of experiencing these precious moments after birth makes this moment more worth waiting for.

Is "Baby It" a She, a He? Does that matter... truthfully? It is exactly what they wanted their baby to be.


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