Sunday, March 11, 2007


Ever since the world began and Man came on the scene the grand plan of God intended His creation to think and dream and fill the scene with more mankind to respect God's gift to exercise free will of choice, respectability and destiny.

He and She, members of the same family of humanity, were bequeathed the right to act and react in whatever way they deemed necessarily necessary. Even God, wiser than one can conceive or believe, did not anticipate His creation would include devastation of civilization as part of Man's Plan for Man. With the free will willed by God, Man began to kill others of his kind who had a mind and soul as did he, according to God's decree.

But God had faith in those He created and seemed fated to trust that this blood-letting lust was only a temporary manifestation of the soul in whom he instilled ultimate control of the bearers of His likeness on the planet Earth. He decided to give Man time to settle down, to come to terms and love his brothers and every other living, life-giving creature on this land. But as time went on free will got out of hand and took turns even God could not understand. War and killing became the dominant role of Man.

God counseled with His heart and mind and asked Himself: What kind of mankind did I create? Yet, He believed in fate, decided to wait for His children to change, to compensate for the errors and terrors of their ways.

Eventually, with evil overtaking humanity, God, in shame, admitted blame for all that went wrong in His name. He could not turn His back on all the good He'd done, creating the moon, the sun and stars and all the rest that apparently turned out to be the best, better than the test of Man He could easily reverse. But would that not be worse than continuing to hope and pray---yes, even He does that in times of stress---that Man and He would find a way to right the wrong on Judgment Day?


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