Wednesday, March 21, 2007


When it comes the time for Bush to die few will cry or ask why for all will know he had to go. That is so. Whether he dies on a vacation, chopping down trees on his plantation, succumbing to complications of constipation or merely ass-ass-ination, his death will be cause for celebration throughout this nation and all civilization.

This man has committed more crimes in less time than killer John Dilller in his prime. He'll never admit it. "I ain't no idjit I ain't done did it," he will say and strut away in search of the nearest corner bar for more of what he swore he swore off snorting for.

The angels will hate to see, knowing where the crumb-bum comes from, become top scun of Angeldom But he's been seen of late with lots of green outside the Golden Gate in the 7/11 on the road to heaven. With God's reelection coming due they fear that you-know-who will do what losers always to do, wage war on Mars and all the stars and then, when the time is right, lead God's Own Party in a fight to spread the fright of WMDs, seize control of the whole sheBANG and what's worse, be elected/selected King of the Universe.


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