Sunday, March 25, 2007


Ittsie-bittsie, tiny, teenie weenie little bird, less than the size of my thumb, come talk to me in your two word vocabulary. Sit at my feet and let me hear your cheep and tweet each time we meet and greet on the street or on my window sill. I will wait for you to do what you do when I talk to you.

I'll spread bread crumbs in your path, a bowl of water for your bath, and you, in turn, will sing to me your melody, Tweet and Cheep. repeatedly. I know your "Cheep!" says "Feed me!" and your "Tweet!" says "I thank you."

I watch you sitting on a twig and know why God did not make you big. You are small for that is all you have to be to welcome me to share your joy as you sing about this day in Spring.

I translate your two words to say, "Wake up, you sleepy head, get out of bed and greet the world." And before you fly away, your wings unfurled, you repeat a sweet tweet tweet to assure me you'll come back another day.


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