Monday, March 26, 2007


There are flaws in our laws but not because we want it to be that way. The "We" I refer to does not include the "Powers That Be," specifically the Presidency, who at present is G. W. B. who arrogantly ignores the rules which he says are tools to make taxpayers toe the line.

If we are a true democracy we, including the PTB, must agree to obey legislation passed by city, state and nation. If not, by heck, they should have the law breathing down their neck.

If the court sorts out the facts and finds you've refused to pay your income tax or violated other crimes like sedition, treason or shooting Texans out of season, no matter what the rhyme or reason, you should pay a fine and spend time behind bars for declaring illegal, wars.

Here's more crimes the accused could be found guilty of: Illegal spying, defying scientific proof of alarming global warming, not adequately arming GI troops, snooping on suspected groups, outing, flouting laws at will, tampering with Congressional legislation. The list is immense, It makes no sense. Want to know more? Get on the internet or, better yet. just ask Google. They're not frugal with their search. They won't leave you in a lurch.

SOME SUM UP: Even a presidential schnook, who took the job by hook or crook, should be held to account for breaking the law, be judged by his peers and, if found guilty, spend years in the can like any other RepubliCAN.


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