Monday, March 26, 2007


Why would anyone, of his own volition, decide to become a politician? Perhaps family tradition would motivate one to emulate a famed relation who had pursued this profession, that would cause him to inherit the same obsession to serve and be observed by a subservient population with minds that can be led but cannot lead.

Could their choice be influenced by a voice inside their head that says this is the path that leads to power and wealth attributed to it? How better create a legacy that engraves name and fame in the pages of history!

What qualities must one possess to assure success of this obsessive need? Greed and Ego to make the dream come true. A bit of luck and circumstance will help advance the candidate along the way. But mastering the art of blending. Shrewd and Crude, depending on the mood the crowd is in, and giving the constituency the rhetoric they came to hear---delivered smeared with sincerity---fools the fools every time. And fortunately, hypocrisy, false modesty and truth shaded by dishonesty are not a crime. At least not in the realm of political democracy.

To understand, command and manipulate on demand this tried and true philosophy---forget about integrity---is the key to gullibility. Forget the boasts, the toasts, the party paid for weenie roasts, what counts the most are the counted votes that amount to final victory. The rest is history.


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