Tuesday, April 03, 2007


It's astounding what could be found if intelligence. talent and tenacity cooperated to save the planet, warming near the danger zone, that nature cannot cure alone.

Nature's forces fueled the growth of civilization from invention of the wheel to development of science that sent man to the moon and soon will send him to Mars and other far away stars.

Science has the evidence, but is faced with defiance of political hacks who turn their backs on proven facts and react thus: "It's all unproven theory. To do what they say will force us to change the way we work and play. Anyway, who's going to pay for all this tech tomfoolery?"

Are they right? With wars waging and nations staging attacks to neighbor's wells, with endless need for guns and planes to kill the enemy---incidentallly war's a proven theory---we can't afford to spend hordes on scientific proliferation.

After all this progress how could we have retrogressed to a stage where this world could become again a nothingness of galactic dust floating free in outer space without a face to call its own?

We see hope among the foreign family of nations who are willing to support modest allocations to stave off destruction if it comes. But these are meager amounts. Success depends on major nations reinvesting their war chests to what scientists believe could turn the tide worldwide from annihilation to salvation and revitalization.

But will all be lost because of the lust and stupidity of men too blind to see we may face a pulverized return to outer space from whence we came? Life might never be the same or might not ever recur.


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