Tuesday, April 17, 2007



If you're sixty-five plus and are trapped in this SS Mess, fuss and cuss, get on the bus, you're one of the Army of Us us denied the right you might expect---security in your years of obscurity in a world that may deny the dough you knead to feed you and your spouse, stay in your house, pay for medications, vacations, dissipations, aggravations and/or unexpected expectations.

As a reward for working hard to earn enough to tough it out, living on beans and sauerkraut, seldom steak in this in-out land of doubt trying to make out and pay bills, a few cheap thrills, expensive pills, ills that drain your pocketbook, you are forced to pay a lot of X-lax income tax for what you once had but now ain't not got.

Income doesn't match outgo, but you know you owe because the IRS told you so. So you pay until you go. After you're dead your estate may be in the red and the butcher, baker and undertaker will have to sue your Maker for what they're due. So what else is new?
* * *
THIS PS IS FOR THE IRS AND CONGRESS: You have no right to take a bite out of what seniors scrimped and slaved to save so, in their maturity, they'd have the security to survive alive when they became too old to earn the gold to afford what's sold for their consumption. By rights it's theirs to call their own.

But you have the nasty audacity and the gumption and assumption to rob their nest-egg? They beg you, reconsider what you do to those who supported you so you could rob and steal from the public weal to satisfy your need to feed your greed, In stead of taxing the near dead, get it from the super rich and every BUN OF A SITCH out to snitch what Washington robbed without a gun.

So when those of fading mind are confined to a box or cremated as is stated in their "living" will, they will know they won their rights before receiving their final rites.

Spend it all before you go so your outgo is not used to pay for someone-else's brand new car, bizarre, Cuban cigar, an undeclared, illegal war or even a Hershey's chocolate bar.


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