Sunday, April 15, 2007


I know Dubya did not declare, he just went in there and invaded Iraq with no plans to give the nation back after our victorious attack released them from the grip of dictatorship. At least, that's what the beast of Pennsylvania Avenue said his GIs would do. It's the same old song. Dummy Dubya was wrong, all wrong!

I don't have to tell you what you already know, but it's a fact, Iraq does not want USA-style democracy. They just want their country back. They want us out NOW, no matter how we choose to do it. As far as they're concerned, we should take our planes, tanks and guns and every mother's GI son still alive, stop all this jabber and jive, and let them deal with the mess the USA got them into.

When we pull out no doubt the civil war they're raging will escalate. There'll be more blood baths as wrath meets wrath on the path to all-out suicide. But so what! What have we or they got to lose? Violence is on the rise and we're still there. Maybe we're the cause. Our pull out could be the cure. Nothing's for sure. That's the chance you take for a make or break decision.

If or when war subsides both sides might get together, weather the wounds of war, moderate their animosities and seek a peace that just might work. But the longer Bush waits and debates the pros and cons the war goes on and, day by day, more lives are gone, more trillions spent, the longer we must do without the necessities and, yes, the luxuries, that made our nation great.

I grieve the thousands dead in Iraq, the innocents whose lives were lost, whose loved-ones will pay the cost in lifetimes of grief and misery. I cry each time more GIs are wounded or die fighting this useless war based on a lie, not for peace but to increase the flow of oil from the sandy soil of Iraq to the tanks of yanks who ply the highways and byways of the USA.

But the blame for war should not be borne alone by those who own gas guzzling cars and fancy homes which burn the fuel that rules the lives of lands far from the sands where it is drilled and both sides are killed to build the bottom lines of liars, buyers and suppliers, beneficiaries of war's atrocities.

We in the USA, as well as they, are trapped by warmongers who react to troubled times and bear the blame and shame as the cost of oil climbs. We suffer from the rise with empty pockets, empty lives.

Worst of all, the world will pay most for the mistakes and evil intent that sent GIs to die, to kill or be killed, so the Bushes could build their dynasty on the bloody base of our disgraced democracy.


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