Saturday, April 07, 2007


What's going to happen when the thousands of Johnnies come limping home? They're the lucky ones who faced the guns of the enemy and now face a future of misery, haunted by the memory of the dead who bled and died instead of living to regret a fight that's not quite over yet.

Lucky that they're still alive? That they survived a war contrived by AWOL cowards who lied, trashed the nation's pride, wage a misguided war where thousands died and now they still decide what we should do to get out of the mess they got us into. Does that make any sense to you?

Some of our GIs will march, some will strain to stand erect with crutch or cane to salute a flag that let them down, they and the thousands underground who found out one fatal second late they had to break their date with destiny. Some lost their sight, some lost their minds, some left limbs and hope behind, Some chose the right to fight and die to save a democracy turned into a hotbed of hypocrisy.


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