Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Once intercourse was the only source of creation. Without it there never could have been a population. It took a sperm and ovary for a gal and guy to romanticize and fertilize. This was true of every creature on land and sea, in the sky or where ever two would relate, mate and copulate.

The procedure can take place in bed during a romantic rendezvous, on a beach, in chair or anywhere two decided to do what lovers do. It can happen in a car, in an SUV where parking's free or the meter's filled to capacity. It takes some more time, some less. Premature ejaculation provides greater opportunity for post penetration exploration.

That was then. This is now. Things somehow are not the same. Ain't it a shame! Today there's no need for assignation to achieve impregnation. A well-chosen frozen sperm's an astute substitute for a go-go romeo. If it's the lady's wish a mix in a petri dish can fulfill her fondest wish. What's next? She can even choose the sex.

There are pills to turn couples on, to stimulate the drive, to make the act come alive, to add jazz to the jive. You can spend passion the old fashioned way or let modern science do what you had in mind. You'll find, in the end, it will all come out the same.


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