Thursday, May 10, 2007


Is it time for God, the Holy One, to rethink all He's done, the good, the bad, the wish He had, what can He do to renew the faith that's fallen away?

When God was created, He wowed the camel crowd with His vow. The world was born and all that happened after that was recorded in Biblical history. It relates the events of His reign, when creatures He created were born, served their purpose on earth, then were slain by others of kind, or Acts of God. or evils of Man.

Since everything in the Bible is the Word of God, I assume He'll find Proom in His heart and mind to uncreate the worst president of the United States. King George the Farced.

A miracle worker as wise as God could delay the End of Days. Wage war on war and crime, temper torrential rains, tornadoes and hurricanes that drain His World of the brain and brawn and quality of humanity we must preserve to serve and carry on the good work He's begun. But If His powers aren't powerful enough, to get up to snuff, He can log on the internet, ask Google to use his noodle. And if God will go on line, bless His e-mail address and bless mine. everything will work out fine. Wouldn't that be just divine!


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