Monday, May 07, 2007


If everybody who ever lived on Earth could return for just a day and then could stay indefinitely if it was decreed they could fulfill a special need to make inner space a better place to be, how wonderful that would be. Those so chosen would receive dispensation and the right to rejoin civilization for whenever an a day.

They'd form a special force for good and growth and both benefit in health and wealth and contribute to the welfare of those of lesser mind they left behind, Scientists left in a lurch when their contribution to a solution of unresolved medical mysteries could have spared millions from fatal disease. After they were gone research went on, but what was still locked in their minds was lost to humanity.

How many unfinished symphonies hid in the minds of musical prodigies and lingered on the fingers of unrealized potentialities of talents still evolving in nfancy? How many masterpieces never created, not even sketched or contemplated? What revolutionary inventions went uninvented?

How many men and women with great minds who could have defined world shattering philosophies, ideologies and possibilities died from a bullet of a gun before their lives had hardly begun?

Just imagine what the Holocaust cost humanity, the insanity of the forced annihilation of nations, wars fought in the name of God over races and religions, the slaughter because of faulty and failed decisions.

Good people hold their breath at each new wave of massive, unwanted wanton death. The earth is filled with bones, blood and bodies rotting in mud?, Tears and fears of thousands of years---is this humanity's legacy?


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