Thursday, May 10, 2007


There are planets Out There everywhere in space. Some are as near as mere light years away. And near and far, there are peanut sized Planters planets salting up the sky.

Is there's intelligent life to worry about? If so, what do they know? Do they mind us cluttering up the space in space around their place? Do they walk in darkness on a starless night looking for a bite to eat?

There once was a MacDonald's down the street but it closed due to a lack of Martian meat.

There was once a Wal-Mart on the block but it closed when its stock ran out of schlock.

There was once a Walgreen but it disappeared from the scene when pot got the okay from the FDA and marijuana flora fauna grows on every lawn and when the light goes out they all get it on.

There was once a glut of gasoline but now there's not a drop to be seen on the scene as electric cars put-put by and rocket buses fill the sky.

There is no meat since cows and sheep and billy goats got the vote. So did the fish and fowl and now a wise old owl gives a hoot as president and Mikey Mouse, next in line, will run in '99. The GOP went flippity-flop and the Democats are the crats meow.

Pollution may be the solution to a nation's growing population. If that's not the cancer answer, give a try to good old fashioned contamination.

If none of these do the job, a new incurable disease or killer bees may be imported from overseas.

So how is the Dow doing now? How high can it get? Check it on the Outernet.


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