Friday, May 25, 2007


When man began to walk upright he looked up at the burning light in the sky and wondered why he knew not what he saw and gazed in awe at that which he could not comprehend. Then, in the dark of night,other lights, quite unlike the ball of fire, fed his desire to understand what placed them them above his land.

And, in deed, he needed to know about the earth on which he stood, was it bad, was it good, and if there were men like he, would they be his friend or enemy?

Though he did not know the words to express his wonderment, somehow he knew a power beyond his comprehension had placed it all where it should be in this vast dimension of eternity.

Man had no way to express the stress that led him to tremble and to fear that if he were not alone upon this sphere, would others like he in time appear? And if they did, would this stranger respond in anger or in brotherhood?

He had a vision of things to come. He heard the roar of a distant drum. The faint refrain of others in pain. Feet on the run. The sound of a gun he could not identify. Lightening lighting up the sky. An insane voice inside his brain. Then thunder and rain that washed away what was to be some war-torn unborn future day.


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