Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Some say Dubya's one big drip and we agree. A pip of a drip is GWB. He lost his grip and started to slip when, as a young snip, he learned his famed name was just the same as his presidental pop, a man who made it to the top because his dad, an also Bush, made his money being chummy, with every crummy crumb bum not so smart but not so dumb who made the cash come tumbling in.

You know, when the family has the dough, you can be boss without a fear of loss from the day you had your first shiper dit until you learned how to screw the population and blame it all on inflation, turn your frown into a sneer and get a report card of straight C's and win your CC degree for being the best Campus Clown in town, by oozing booze and doing anything you choose because daddy paid his dues and served his time at Harvard or was it Jail?

How proud you made your daddy feel when you learned how to wheel and deal and steal the job as president that pop was awarded by the Gipper for fixing him his nightly nipper and bringing him his script and slippers like a good lap dog should.

But Dubya was smarter than Dadubya because he stole the job not once but twice, waged a bigger war that killed more GIs. Wasn't that nice! And he was even more of a Failure, spending budget bucks like a drunken Sailor.

When Dubya goes to where morons go he'll sit on a cloud and suck his toe and all the angels will know he bought heaven for two cents on the dollar from the Iraq U. S. Federal Bank. It was certain, he couldn't afford HELLiburton that was leased by the GOP for the VP D. C. from the Howdy Doodie Saudi Investment Trust in collaboration with NBC, ABC and FOX, represented by the law firm of Chickenpox, Lox and Dirty Socks.

That's the story of Dubya the Drip. That no good so and so will be on an ego trip until it's time for him to go. The war will still go on long after he is gone.


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