Saturday, May 26, 2007


We are a forgetful nation mired in a fretful confrontation. On a critical date we fell for a false debate that gave an ingrate potyentate carte-blanch to sink our ship of state.

At zero-zero we gave an inept Texas dude the word to Go and lead our nation down the road to annihilation. He started upsetting the apple cart and plying his destructive art the day he went and stole the president. That's a gory story, compelling but not worth retelling in the aftermath of that fatal journey down the bloody path to death.

The Pied Piper of politics plays his dirty tricks, licks his lips and seals our fate as he pursues his fiendish plan to turn this Promised Land into an also ran. He wooed our nation to its Waterloo. Perchance we can still end his romance with death and strike up the band for a victory dance by recapturing the democracy he frittered way.

We were once a land of addicted, conflicted amnesiacs. We supported a mad maniac hypocrite. In the end it wasn't worth a bucket of spit.

Let this be the end of it.


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