Sunday, May 27, 2007


When you overdo your menu, eat more meat than is good for you, cheat on sweets, get too little exercise and let your butt, gut and thighs rise to the size of pizza pies and you can no longer touch your toes you can play the blame game if you choose, You'll lose.

You'll claim its all the fault of your genes and DNA, but life and death know it ain't all that way. That's partly true. They're part of you. So are the foods you eat, the booze you drink, the way you shrink from exercise. The only guys who buy those abuse excuses are the undertaker fakers and coffin

Suggestion: munch on fruits and nuts between lunch and dinner and you may get thinner. Turn your back on junk food snacks, six packs and flapjack stacks. Don't get hooked on cigarettes. By gosh, don't nosh. Adopt a diet. Don't defy it. If you do you'll die sooner, fatter. It will matter to pallbearers saying prayers while they slave and lug you to your grave. Let others die of smoker's lung, of cancer somewhere among their body parts or some "itis" that starts out with as an "ism" and got them a one way trip on God's rocket ship to that great Whipcream-Chocolate-Banana-Pizza Pie in the sky. Let 'em die. You'll be with them by and by.


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