Thursday, May 31, 2007


A growing list of U. S. corporations who, in the past, sent the bulk of their bribes/donations to the Republican administration are now turning to the Democrats. Some are the really fat fatcats. And do you know what that means? The Party in Power can dip into their largesse to reach more voters across the aisle who may dump the donkey and go with Jumbo, the pachyderm symbol of the Democrats.

Have the Republicans read the handwritings on the wall? Do they know their party's going fall? Do they understand when you destroy the land, deny the warming of the biosphere, let nature's species disappear, when you propagate hate and you're party to a power theft, you have nothing left? You've lost control and you put America's economic future in a hole. That's more important to success and progress than party politics.

This elephant, with a trunk full of wisdom, never forgets that the Democrats stand for prosperity and democracy and not the hypocrisy the Republicans displayed as they tricked the U. S. A. They lied us into a disastrous war unlike any we ever fought before, with three thousand-plus dead and growing.

Even knowing they failed on the battlefield and at the voting booth they still refuse to tell the truth and end the illegal Iraq war. Both Bush and Cheney and all his partners in crime don't care a dime for democracy. All they fight for is power, bigger tax breaks for the rich and, with high tech tricks, to fix and steal another presidential election. They'll lose again, but they don't care.

When ballots go uncounted or mysteriously disappear, they'll again declare victory. Do they dare?


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