Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I don't know a whole lot about climate control or have a solution for pollution. But when I breathe air I know it's there and getting worse. So before I take my final ride in a big black hearse to my resting place, I must face the fact that any pact proposed by Republican hacks who lack caring for millions whose lungs need repairing convince me pollution's got to go.

It's only fair industry should be allowed to foul the air and poison the stinking water we drink and wink at laws they ignore. Anyway, pollution's an awful bore for CEOs who mind the store! We need more fumes and plumes of smoke, more contaminants in foods we eat, more heat, more drought. Ain't that what the bottom line's all about?

It took me time to figure it out, but now I don't have a doubt the Bush deal to kill the UN's G8 climate plan seems to be an exercise in futility that will benefit every utility and corporations who already control polluted nations and will do so for degenerate generations to come. It's dumb, unfair. It's touted by the man who's leaving soon and could be living on the moon before this fanatic act becomes a fact.

A week before the G8 summit in Germany, GBS said this, not in rhyme, but on prime time: "By the end of next year America and other nations will set long-term global goals to reduce greenhouse gasses." He said America will hold a "series of meetings" to work out a plan to reduce emissions 50 percent by 2050. Compliance would be voluntary, of course, which means it would have no force.

Meetings on top of meetings means delay on top of delay. More than forty years is far away. Plenty time to play with more delay, to dump it in the political junk pile for a while. Who knows? So it goes. Maybe until 3003. If anybody's still alive. We'll just have to wait and see.


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