Thursday, July 05, 2007


It's been written and is no doubt true, a lame duck president on his way out still has a lot of clout and can persuade Congress to string along with his proposals, right or wrong.

He can be the most incompetent, ignorant president, but as long as he's in command and demands support for his obsessed insanity the party loyal will obey. He's still Boss. Any loss he suffers can redound on the electability and ability of the constituency to regain power lost to the adversary. Some choose to defend the loser out of blind loyalty or while they're in a state of denial.

In addition to damage Dubya might maneuver as the reincarnation of Herbert Hoover, what he accomplished in the past will last long after he's gone. This failing, still prevailing president, has stepped on toes or stuck his nose in places others ranked as sacrosanct. He's managed surreptitiously to rob, bit by bit, what's left of our democracy. Good or bad, once law's are passed, sad but true, repealing them is hard to do.

Do you understand how things stand? Once you elect a president bent on doing what's right, he's got an uphill fight to undo what the previous regime managed to ram through. Give him your support. Let him have his day in court. He'll have a helluva job to do. He'll need your to help him see it through.


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