Sunday, June 24, 2007


Two consenting men have sex together. Two women do the same thing whether it's acceptable, respectable or not. So what! If they've agreed to do it and it fulfills a physical and psychological need, indeed, they should go to it.

Why should lawmakers enact acts to make a crime of what's being done all the time? When they do it on a cold winter night to keep each other warm, it causes nobody harm, saves on heat, meets conservation criteria. So why the hysteria? Sex preserves the nation's fuel supply. And that's one good reason why. It's the patriotic thing to do.

Even though same sex marriage doesn't often include a baby carriage, two can share their underwear, their sox and shoes (if they're same size) and other things like wedding rings. And if they opt to adopt, they help stop the population crunch where conventional couples have a bunch and resort to divorce courts to sort them out.

Same sex male mates seldom disagree on sports on TV, the brand of beer they drink, how they think, if at all, the jokes they tell, they swear like hell, they hang the clothes they wore the day before on the floor. There's more, but why bore you with that?

No matter how you seek sex, simple or complex, persist and make it high on your MUST DO LIST.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dad. Thanks for the poem. It is gay pride day today in NYC and many other places.

12:01 PM  

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