Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Libby beat the rap so wrap him up in the Constitution with all the other Dubya crap and toss him in the republiCAN garbage of this stinkin' administration that has a reputation for trashing history and recycling democracy into hypocrisy.

Remember WHATergate when Nixon saved himself from a conviction for mixin' crime and politics by quitin' when it got too hot in the White House kitchen? He swore on prime time he did no crime and was no crook. By denying that he let the whole world know though they couldn't prove he was a crook, he was a first class SCHNOOK.
That, in my book, is even worse,

The Nixon Big Dick got out real quick when the plot got thick and the fear he might be called to testify he wasn't the guy who lied to save his hide made him want to go and hide. So he faced disgrace and left the place where shame is just part of the political game.

Now impeach reaches out for DC and GWB, serial killers of three thousand-plus GIs and maiming of many, many more gals and guys who gave up eyes and limbs and other parts to cater to the whims of these two not so smarts who didn't have the guts to risk their butts to do their bit in that Shoreaan kit.

It's predicted if one or both are convicted, Bush while out on bail awaiting jail, will do a Libby deal. And as others, part of this misadministration, face a long vacation in a federal pen Bush will come to their rescue time and again.

Remember when Dubya said he had political capital to spend? Bet he saved it for the bitter end to save his end and the rears of more who helped him mind the store.


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