Monday, July 09, 2007


Could Medicare some day be just a fading memory, an experiment of good intent thats spent it's last cent trying to reinvent itself? Will it succumb to MD greed and don't give a damn mismanagement? It will kill itself unless it pays doctors less and moves to make them prove they seek pay for only what they do and do not set out to screw the system systematically.

As a senior citizen who honestly claims aches and pains and strains to understand the bills that fill my daily mail, I fear I fail to recall all the treatments they claim they did on such and such a date after making me wait an hour or more for the minute or two they take to write the prescript and ship me off to the pharmacist.

That "in depth consultation," thorough examination, detailed explanation of what ails me, I fail to see, justifies the fee for time and expertise the MD submits to Medicare and the BS to Blue Cross. I'm at a loss how much he's reimbursed for what is actually done by a first year student nurse.

This scene's repeated daily everywhere where there's assurance Medicare and private insurance will pay without trying to justify the lie perpetrated by the guy who has a degree in medical chicanery. With the padded bills and the kickbacks.from pharmaceuticals for Rx's for expensive medications, no wonder the MD can afford those pricey vacations,

With dread and fear docs knocked Medicare, Medicaid and private plans that made them rich---$50 to treat an itch. A hundred bucks, check or cash, to smear stuff on a rash. A symptom here, a pimple there, cat scan that man, why not? It's covered by his plan. A tiny pill. The price will make the patient ill when he sees the bill. No sweat. He'll get better quick when co-pay pays him back for being sick.


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